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Ecological Footprint Calculator

Trying to lead an environmentally responsible life is sometimes hard. How can you know what changes you need to make in order to improve your quality of life, use less natural resources and add less pollution and emissions to the environment? Using an ecological footprint calculator can help you get started, enabling you to sustain positive changes in your life and in the lives of those around you.

What ecological footprint calculators are

Ecological footprint calculators help by teaching you how much land and water are needed to support you. They also show how much pollution your lifestyle creates, so they can empower you to create changes in your life that improve the environment. Some use a question format, targeting areas that may need improvement. For example, some questions may ask how often you buy bottled water, how many times you carpool and how much your monthly electric bill is. Others have you input numbers. In either case, the results show you how well you are doing, along with how much you still need to do.

Why you should use one

It is important to know the effect your choices are having on the planet. Unless you are aware of the consequences of certain actions, you lack motivation to change those things. Calculators are often a stepping stone to a greener, or more ecologically sound, lifestyle. Use them as a tool to help you protect the environment. When you know your carbon footprint, you can strive to use the resources you need without wasting needlessly.

An ecological footprint calculator is a valuable tool for learning more about the effects of your lifestyle and the changes you can make to help the environment. This tool helps you get engaged and active. No matter your starting point with regard to environmental issues, it can show you areas that need improvement and get you on the right path to change.