Save the World One Footprint Calculator at a Time

Knowing more about carbon and ecological footprints can help you do your part to heal the earth's fragile environment. Carbon and ecological footprints are, essentially, the impact a person (or a business) has on the earth's environment. You can calculate, learn about and incorporate ways to lower your carbon footprint right here on this site.

Driving, throwing away recyclable items, leaving the water running while brushing your teeth or leaving windows open with the heat on in your house are all ways to increase your carbon and/or ecological footprint. It is very easy to lower your carbon footprint. For example, instead of driving to get the mail, next time, ride your bike, walk or take public transportation. Turn the water off while you scrub your morning breath away, get a recycle bin for your kitchen and sign up for curbside recycling through your waste management company.

Calculating your carbon footprint is easy. You can do it right here on this site. For increased accuracy, keep track of how many miles you drive in a week. Also, keep track of how many things you buy with non-recyclable packaging and goods that come from more than 1,200 miles away from your home. If you live in Alaska in December and are picking up fresh lettuce from the store, it is likely flown or trucked in to you! All these factors increase your carbon footprint.